Technician’s Choice

Technician’s Choice is the top of the line car wash and protection system for your car we have all the different needs that you would want, from car wash to detailing kits. With 47 years of experience they know how to make your vehicle stand out from the rest.


Body shop safe products:

  • Suds to the Ceilingsnow-brush
  • Detail Xpress Foaming Upholstery
  • Super Suds
  • Waterless car wash


Detailing Products:

  • White Diamond Wax
  • Waxing kitssuds-to-the-ceiling



Winter Car Care:

  • Snow Rakes
  • Vehicle dry dry blade
  • Lighting Poly-Seal
  • Corrosion Protection



Paint Correction:white-diamond-cleaner-glaze-16oz__46878-1463505916-500-750

  • Variable speed polisher
  • Polishing pads of all colors
  • Back plates
  • Mini air tools
  • Mini air tool kitsalumbrrite__37602-1405003306-1280-1280



  • Alumabrite-Algae Strip
  • Alumetron
  • Bilge Bath






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