Environmental Products

K.C. Reid Enterprises Ltd. carries environmental products to help with spill stopping devices,  spill cleanups and prevention.

Spill Kits45 Gallon Spill Kitspill kit

  • Vehicle Spill Kit
  • Mobile Spill Kit 64L
  • Mini Spill Kit 58L
  • Steel Drum Kit 45 Gal
  • Custom Spill Kit

Absorbent and Cleanup Products

  • Booms: Assorted Sizes
  • Sorb Sox: Assorted Sizes
  • Spill Pads
  • Oil Absorbent
  • Waste Disposal Bags
  • PVC Berms
  • Drain Protectors
  • Dip Paste
  • Dip Sticks


The RuptureSeal™ is used to temporarily stop spills and can address holes as small as 4mm (5/32in), as large as 64mm (2.5in) in diameter, and gashes up to 100mm (4in) in length.

  • Variety Pack
    Includes: Small, Medium & Large


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